Thursday, July 25, 2013



The past few weeks, evangelicals have faced a series of shocking American evangelical capitulations to homosexual activism:

* The Boy Scouts bowed to pressure to open its doors to homosexuals, while remaining closed to atheists.

* Exodus International, the worlds largest outreach to homosexuals announced that it was closing down. Its leader, Alan Chambers announced he was starting another organisation that would have a different message. That new message seems less offensive to homosexual activists, more muddled and postmodern. Thankfully, Biblical former affilates of Exodus International are regrouping under the banner of Restored Hope Network - many left around two years ago when they realised the organisation was heading in the wrong direction. Chambers confusion is not entirely surprising considering his home church pastor is preaching a 'hyper-grace' message, which omits the need to properly repent of sin. What is tragic is that he has been allowed to destroy the organisation from the top instead of being thrown out when he announced last year that Exodus was changing its message in a more postmodern direction.

* Fuller Seminary, the worlds largest evangelical seminary, has given permission for a homosexual club to operate on its campus, while continuing to say they oppose pre-marital sex and homosexual political advocacy. I would argue that is unacceptable compromise and unrealistic wishful thinking. Nevertheless, the slide in Fuller started decades ago when the founder Charles Fuller's son Daniel went to do a PhD under Neo-Orthodox theologican Karl Barth. Daniel took over the leadership of the Seminary from his father and gradually relaxed its biblical definition. For many years, it grew numerically and institutionally producing many highly respected leaders, while slowly weakening its Biblical faithfulness. It has also become a centre for the promotion of the 'Insider movement' which is weakening missions to the Moslem world.

If you are thinking of studying theology, don't even consider Fuller any more. Books written by Fuller professors can no longer be automatically be considered evangelical before being stocked in Christian bookshops. The contents need to be checked for biblical orthodoxy.
Send your complaint to Fuller Seminary to Fuller Vice President, Fred Messick

For those seeking good biblical rebuttal of 'homosexual theology', Robert Gagnon of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary is emerging as the premier defender of the faith on this issue.


The bottom line is that American evangelicalism and most evangelical movements led from America are in a theological crisis over a set of issues relating to postmodernism: feminism, homosexuality, 'insider movement' missions, the requirement for repentance from sin and many more. The only large grouping holding the line against this capitulation are the Southern Baptists, who had a resurgence of Biblical theology in the 1980s. The liberal denominations capitulated long ago. The seeker sensitive movements are in process of capitulation. The 'Gospel Coalition', which started out well is sending mixed and muddled messages - particularly Tim Keller. A number of smaller seminaries, formed when conservatives withdrew from mainline denominations remain faithful. Sadly, the fundamentalist and Charismatic movements have been fragmenting into smaller groupings centred around personalities rather than agreed truth. Usually after a decade or two, such movements deteriorate into personality cults and when their leaders spiritual life falters, their following tends to go downhill with them. Similar trends are evident in South Africa.

Why does this matter in South Africa? Because currently, most middle class South African churches are looking to American ministries for leadership. That leadership, with a few exceptions noted above is failing drastically. Barring an Ezra type revival, it will probably continue to decline. A century ago, world Christianity looked to England for leadership. No more. Before that there were other centres: Germany, Rome, Greece, Jerusalem. Our centre must be the Bible. Those who rely on the latest pre-packaged church programmes and conference speakers from America are mostly going to be swept up with America's decline and capitulation.

In a previous article, I explained the slippery slope on homosexuality which much of the American and South African church is following. Read this article again.

The lesson coming out of America is that we cannot afford to be soft, patient and quiet any longer. If you see these signs, speak up. We speak up now or we lose our denominations, Bible Colleges and ministries. Once they start on a slide, we don't have long before they are destroyed. The so called 'seeker sensitive' movement is producing a modest short term influx of church members to some churches, but overall it is leading to a gutting of the gospel - and paves the way for liberalism - after which the membership gain is initially muddied with false conversions and eventually lost.

Those who want to retain Biblical Christianity need to count the cost. People are going to get hurt on both sides. Those fighting for truth will get hurt and unavoidably those on the other side or who get caught in the middle will be hurt by any defence that is made - in words or institutional actions.


I have been involved in combatting church and ministry compromise and decline on these issues in South Africa in numerous denominations over the past decade - most of which one cannot publish openly on the internet, as one wishes to maintain trust while negotiating to try to resolve issues with leaders. Please pray for me and consider financial supporting ChristianView Network and take a stand in our own denomination.

* Send your complaint to Fuller Seminary at

On a separate issue, we can thank God that the 'Insider Movement' was resoundingly defeated at a public theological debate in London this month on the issue of mis-translating the 'Son of God' in Bibles aimed at Muslims.